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Our Films

Tam Lin - A ancient Scottish tale of a feisty young heroine who risks everything for her lover, the mysterious knight, Tam Lin. (in post-production) more

The Ballad of Mary Whyddon - A Dartmoor folktale based in 17th century Chagford on the brink of the English Civil War. (85mins : in post-production) more

Sir Lanval - A haunting Arthurian fairytale dating from the twelfth century and produced as a joint project with the Centre de l'imaginaire Arthurien in Brittany. (77mins) more

The Laidley Worm of Spindleston Heugh - A princess is turned into a dragon by her stepmother. A heart-stopping fairytale from Northumbria. (40mins) more

Peerifool - Three little girls outwit an ogre. A feminist fairytale from the Orkneys collected in the nineteenth century. (42mins) more

Cherry of Zennor - An innocent servant girl sets out to seek adventure and romance only to find herself unwittingly living in a fairy household. (38mins) more

Childe Rowland - Three brothers set out one by one to rescue their sister after she has been stolen by the fairies. A thrilling British fairytale about courage and love of family. (29mins) more

Pottle o' Brains - Jack the village idiot visits a wise woman to see if he can buy some brains but the price is more than he bargained for. (14mins - A Phoenix Media Bursary Film)

Woodwose - Lucy is sent into the woods by her vicious mother and returns with some rather unusual new talents. A sensational tale of revenge, sibling rivalry and the power of a generous heart. (32mins)



Child with Microphone

Mossy Crone

Stag man

"Elizabeth-Jane Baldry's films are refreshing and imaginative - a new storyteller from the green heart of Devon"

-Alan Lee, Academy Award winner, conceptual designer, Lord of the Rings.

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