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The Ballad of Mary Whyddon

We enjoyed a sensational week filming a Dartmoor tale set in 17th century Chagford. The real life tragedy on which we based the film is so poignant that over the centuries it has passed from history into legend.

A team of volunteers - including talented industry professionals - generously donated their time. Lively evenings were spent sharing food, wine and laughter in the historic Church Rooms in which we filmed our interior scenes. One of our set designers even encountered a ghost on the ancient, granite spiral staircase - not once, but twice. Thus real life and cinematic life blended into one magical adventure.

Fabulous homemade cakes at tea time were sponsored by Kirsty's Kitchen. Thanks Kirsty - your scrumptious cakes kept us sparkling, even in the rain!

Update: Spring 2017

The editing took far longer than anticipated. We're sorry to keep you all waiting, but it's looking good! The rough cut ran to over a hundred minutes, so extensive pruning and refining kept our head girl out of mischief over the winter! Editing is finished, and composing has begun.



tom and mary

whyddon children

mary with puritans

Photos: Teresa Snow

whyddon title

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