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The British Isles are rich in story, perhaps because no other European Country has kept its boundaries intact over so many centuries, perhaps because there are so many layers of history embedded in our landscape. We love this heritage and we are utterly committed to creating films faithful to the original tales, films infused with the eloquence of landscape.

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Cherry DVD
Perrifool DVD

Cherry of Zennor: A Cornish Fairytale

Sixteen year old Cherry runs away from home seeking adventure, romance and pretty dresses.
A haunting tale infused with British fairy folklore.

Age 9 and above. 38mins


Peerifool: An Orkney Fairytale

Three brave little girls outwit an ogre with the help of some very messy porridge fairies.
A classic fairytale with a happy ending.

Age 4 and above. 42mins



"In England the reverence for the past and the affinity with the natural landscape join together in a mutual embrace. So we owe much to the ground on which we dwell. It is the landscape and the dreamscape. It encourages a sense of longing and belonging.
It is Albion."

- Peter Ackroyd, CBE, author and critic.

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