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British Fairytales

"Fairytales speak the colourful language of the soul of a people. They teach us about our culture and they return to us essential psychic facts about ourselves." - Gertrude Nelson


The heritage of British fairytales is vast and immensely varied. These tales are a magnificent aspect of our heritage, emerging from the deepest levels of our culture, an insight into how our nation dreams.

Once upon a time fairytales were for everyone. They taught us courage and perseverence, the importance of honesty and caring for others. They entertained us and made us laugh long before the digital delights of today.

Many of our stories are well-known - King Arthur, Robin Hood, Dick Whittington, Jack and the Beanstalk for example - but other remarkable tales have faded into obscurity.

We have magical tales of enchantment, fairies, river-spirits and giants; glorious tales of bold, resourceful girls taking responsibility for their lives; hilarious stories of silliness; terrific tales of the sea - mermaids, seal-people, sea-serpents - for ours is an island nation.

The Chagford Filmmaking Group believes that old tales contain universal wisdom that is still relevant today.


Elf Queen

bird goddess


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